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A Winery and Vineyard Guide by State 
for Wine Lovers in the USA

   Whether you are searching for wine, wines, winery, wineries, vineyard, vineyards, taste, tasting, tour, guide, locator, or directory by state within the United States, this the right place!  Planning a trip within the U. S. and wondering if there are any wineries in the state to be visited or a wine festival?  It is not a problem if you already know the winery name.  However, there are many smaller American wineries (I call them "hidden gems") without large advertising budgets or a well-known name, just awaiting your discovery.  AllAmericanWineries enables you to locate all wineries in any state with just a couple of mouse clicks.  Now you can find your own hidden gems and do so in a non-commercial environment, since we do not sell wine or wine related products (although you may find that information on the Other Wine-Related Sites page).  We just offer the wine loving traveler a complete and unbiased listing of all known wineries in a given state.  NOTE:  If you contact or visit a winery listed here, please mention that you found them via All American Wineries - we'll both appreciate the information.
   We are growing!  AllAmericanWineries has expanded its Internet reach with the acquisition of several additional domain names, including and  We welcome the long-time loyal winery visitors from these sites to our growing All American Wineries family.

  Welcome, new visitors!  Whether you are here as a result of reading Kathie Sucidlo's May 2012 'Vineyards and Wineries in the United States' article in Senior Report, or your attendance at the American Wine Society National Convention, or because you read one of the other write-ups by various wine and winery industry writers (see below for a comprehensive list of articles which review or recommend us), WELCOME!  Enjoy your visit here, locate your own "hidden gem" wineries to visit, bookmark this site and return regularly to see what's new.

  Thanks a Million - In January 2009, All American Wineries received its One Millionth unique visitor!  As of March 31, 2014, after just one hundred fifty-nine months of operation, we have received more than  22,120,000 site hits.   We achieved our 5 millionth site hit in September 2004, our 10 millionth hit in October 2006, our 15 millionth hit in October 2008, and our 20 millionth site hit in February 2012!  Thanks so very much to every one of you wine loving visitors for these results.  It could not have happened without your support and loyalty.  Calistoga!!

"Come, I am tasting the stars!" - Dom Perignon (attributed by legend)


(See appropriate State Locator page for details)

  05/29/15 - NC - Herrera Vineyards, Dobson
  05/20/15 - NC - Sweet Home Carolina Vineyards, Yadkinville
  04/30/15 - NC - Chestnut Trail Winery, Mocksville
  12/16/14 - AR - Keels Creek Winery, Eureka Springs
  12/16/14 - AR - Railway Winery, Eureka Springs
  05/03/14 - NC - Adagio Vineyards, Elkin
  04/04/14 - NC - JOLO Winery & Vineyards, Pilot Mountain
  07/31/13 - NC - Jones vonDrehle Vineyards & Winery, Thurmond
  12/01/12 - NC - Medaloni Cellars, Lewisville
  07/09/12 - NC - Morgan Ridge Vineyards, Gold Hill
  06/09/12 - UT - Kiler Grove Winegrowers, S. Salt Lake City
  05/24/12 - NC - Windsor Run Cellars, Hamptonville
  03/14/12 - KY - Brooks Hill Winery, Brooks
  01/09/12 - NC - MenaRick Vineyard & Winery, Ronda

"Wine improves with age - I like it the older I get!" - Anonymous

(Interviews, Site Reviews, and E-mail Feedback From a Wide Assortment of Wine Writers and Visitors)

  Senior Report - May 30, 2012, 'Vineyards and Wineries in the United States' article by Kathie Sucidlo, mentions us in her article as, "a very comprehensive listing of wineries in the USA" - Click here to read her article
  Woman's Edition - August 2009 edition, 'Great Escapes' article by Jackie Williams, mentions us in the second paragraph of her article as an information source for locating wineries in the USA - Click here to read her article
  National Geographic Traveler - Best Destination Websites July/August 2008 USA, 'Other Sites We Like' contains a link to our site as an information source for locating wineries in the USA - Click here to see their recommendation.
  Wikipedia - Used our site as one of only three external links on their 'American Wine' page as an information source for locating wineries in the USA - Click here to review the Wikipedia entry on American Wine.
  Mother Earth News - Their 'Ask Our Experts' on "Real Food' recommended us in an April 8, 2008 article about locating wineries by state in the USA  - Click here to read review. - Lists us on their 'Wineries and Vineyards Worldwide Directory' as a source to locate wineries by state in the USA - Feature article on Wineries mentions only our site as the source for information on locating wineries in the USA - Click here to read review. - Sharon Rosenbaum, Senior Wine Buyer, recommended us as 'a comprehensive site' for locating and contacting wineries before visiting - Click here to read review. - Jeffrey Yeager recommended us as a resource to locate wineries in their 'Spend Less and Enjoy Live More' article about winery tours and tastings at little or no cost - Click here to read review
  Robin Garr ( *again* recommended us in his "Thirty-second Wine Advisor" column, (Support Your Local Winery) - Click here to read review
  Greensboro NC Business Journal - Quoted us and reviewed our North Carolina page in a "Wine 101" column about ordering wine while dining out - Click here to read review - In columnist Sharon Kapnick's article about wineries in all 50 states, we were the only source recommended for locating wineries in the USA - Click here to read article.   She referenced us once more in a article on women, wine and the web - Click here to read article.
  Seattle Times - Thomas Skeen, wine writer, quoted us as an authoritative source for finding wineries in the USA - Click here to read article.
  USA Today "50 Toasts to the Nation" recommended us to find USA wineries by state - (June 28, 2002 Life Section - article no longer available online)
  Robin Garr ( reviewed ™  on its inauguration in his "Thirty-second Wine Advisor" (Favorite Wine Links) - Click here to read review

  Karen F., FL - "We used your site to develop true/false questions for our first wine tasting party.  We are planning to buy an RV this year and go to wineries in different states.  [Your] listings will be a GREAT help!"     
  George W., NH - "I find your site to be very interesting and an important asset to the rest of us."     
  Bunny G., CA - "I just finished a [COPIA volunteer] project which involved contacting one (random) winery in every state, in preparation for an exhibition called 'Wine Across America.'  Your site really did the job for me.  I can't thank you enough."
  Walter J., CT - "It's a great site. I truly love the fact that it is ad-free and completely non-commercial, just an unbiased, informational database.  I have it bookmarked and plan to use it often. Thank you..."
  Christina F., CA - "Wow!  What a great web site you have here!  I am a fellow wine lover and I know it will be of great use to me personally [as I] add this site to my favorites.  Thanks again, for maintaining this wonderful site!"
  Amy D., GA - "Thank You!!  We are using your site to plan our mini wine tour through North Carolina and Virginia.  We leave tomorrow to do the Yadkin Valley Wine Trail and the Blue Ridge Wine Trail.  [Your] site has been extremely helpful."
  Michael B. - "[I] just discovered your ... great site!  I am beginning to teach wine courses to small groups, focusing on ... wines under $20.  Your site will be a good resource and I will mention it in my travels.  Keep up the good work!"
  Tamela P., NC - "By the way, thanks for your site. I have found it both helpful & enjoyable."
  Deanna, WV - "Love your web site . . . terrific search feature for state-to-state wineries. Thank you."
  Deila M., TN - "Your site has proved extremely valuable since [my husband and I] both love to visit wineries and we were able to locate at least a dozen we hadn't known about previously on our route. THANK YOU!"
  Matthew S., MO - "Thank you for your site! I travel extensively for work and will use [it] often."
  Mike S., MD - "This is the premier site for anyone interested in America's wineries."

Click here to read additional, older comments.

"When there is plenty of wine, sorrow and worry take wing." - Ovid

  August 2008 - All American Wineries introduces its very own Wine Blog!

June 2005 - was inducted into the TOP 100 WINE SITES HALL OF FAME!

"Life is too short to drink bad wine." - Unknown

Stonehaus Winery, Tennessee tasting room image (116127 bytes)
Interesting wall of wine bottles, taken at Stonehaus Winery, Crossville TN

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Your host and Webmaster at Hanover Park Vineyard, Yadkinville, NC

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The "wine conestoga" on an April 2001 winery expedition.  Wave if you see me on the road!

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Wine tasting in Florence, OR

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