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When people think of Arizona, meteor craters, canyons, painted deserts and petrified forests generally come to mind.  Arizona wineries often do not.  This is a misperception.  Wineries in Arizona are burgeoning as Arizona winery owners discover the high elevation, sunshine and cool nights make for a unique terroir.  Due to the fact that wine-loving travelers have not yet discovered these Arizona wineries, you are strongly encouraged to call ahead, since many Arizona wineries are open by appointment only during the week. 

"With wine and bread you can walk your road" - Spanish proverb

Arizona Vineyards
Website:  <none>
1830 E. Patagonia Hwy
Nogales, AZ  85621     (SOUTHWEST - see map above)
E-mail:  <none>
Phone 520.287.7972
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Callaghan Vineyards
23 Coyote Ct
Sonoita, AZ  85637     (SOUTHWEST - 50 mi SW of Tucson)
Phone 520.455.5322
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 520.455.5322


Charron Vineyards
18585 S. Sonoita Hwy
Vail, AZ  85641
Phone 520.762.8585 
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Colibri Vineyard and Winery
2825 W. Hilltop Rd
Portal, AZ  85632
Phone 520.558.2401
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Coronado Vineyards    11/05/2007 
2909 East Country Club Dr
Wilcox, AZ  85643     ()
Phone 520.384.2993
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 520.384.6345


Dark Mountain Brewery and Winery (formerly R.W. Webb Winery)
13605 E. Benson Hwy
Vail, AZ  85641
Phone 520.762.5777
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 520.762.5898


Dos Cabezas Wine Works
19-B S. Windward Way Rd <off Robbs Rd>
Kansas Settlement, AZ  85643
Phone 520.455.5369
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 520.455.5369


Fort Bowie Vineyards
156 N. Jefferson
Bowie, AZ  85695
Phone 520.847.2593
Toll-Free <n/a>
Fax <none>


Gargoyle Cider & Meadery
Website:  <pending>
3522 W. Calavar Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85023     (see map above)
E-mail:  <pending>
Phone 602.843.4337
Toll-Free <pending>
Fax <pending>


Keeling-Schaefer Vineyards 
10277 East Rock Creek Ln 
Pearce, AZ  85625     (25 mi SE of Wilcox)
Phone 520.824.2500
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Kokopelli Winery / Paradise Valley Vineyards
35 W. Boston St
Chandler, AZ  85225
Phone 480.792.6927
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 602.431.1897


Page Springs Cellars
1500 North Page Springs Road
Cornville, AZ  86325     (CENTRAL - 14 mi SW of Sedona)
Phone 928.639.3004
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <n/a>


Palo Verde Winery
Website:  <pending>
11620 Benjamin Rd
Kingman, AZ  86401     (WESTERN - see map above)  
Phone 928.757.8320
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Sonoita Vineyards
Elgin-Canelo Rd
Elgin, AZ  85611     (SOUTHWEST - 50 mi SW of Tucson)
Phone 520.455.5893
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 520.797.7613


Village of Elgin Winery and Domaines Ellam, Inc.
471 Elgin Rd
Elgin, AZ  85611     (SOUTHWEST - 50 mi SW of Tucson)
Phone 520.455.9309
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>




ON THE HORIZON - Wineries Planning to Open REMARKS
Alcantara Vineyard & Winery, Verde Valley Information Pending
Canelo Hills Vineyard & Winery, Elgin Anticipates Opening Fall 2007
Echo Canyon Vineyard & Winery, Cornville Information Pending
Fountaine Cellars Winery, Bisbee Information Pending
Granite Creek Vineyards, Chino Valley Information Pending
Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery, Cornville Information Pending
Jerome Winery, Jerome Information Pending
Kief Johnson Vineyards, Elgin Information Pending
Rancho Rossa Vineyards, Elgin Information Pending
Su Vino Winery, Scottsdale Information Pending


OVER THE HORIZON - Wineries in a Changed Status REMARKS
Echo Canyon Vineyard and Winery, Sedona Club Winery - Not Open to Public
San Dominique Winery, Camp Verde Winery Status Unconfirmed
Santa Cruz Winery / Naveh Vineyards, Sonoita No Longer in Operation
Terre Rosa Vineyards, Tucson Winery Status Unconfirmed
Whispering Peaks Vineyards, Scottsdale Hospitality Wholesaler Only


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