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"In water one sees one's own face but in wine one beholds the heart of another" - French proverb


NOTICE:  California has more wineries and produces more wine than any other state in the nation.  To provide timely information to AllAmericanWineries visitors, you will be redirected to the site of a state directory provider which specializes in tracking lists just California wineries.  An extensive review of many of California winery directories revealed this site to be very well researched (it contains over 1000 California wineries).  The linked site is extremely user friendly (it provides a regional index, an alphabetical index, and a varietal index).  The six California regions listed by the linked site are:  Central Coast; Central Valley; Lake County; Mendocino County; Napa County; North Coast; San Francisco Bay Area; Sierra Foothills; Sonoma Coast; Southern Coast; and Southern California.

        Click on the link immediately below to open the site in a new browser window.  When you have completed searching California wineries, CLOSE the new browser window and you will be returned to this page.

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