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Winterport Winery
279 S. Main St
Winterport, ME  04496     (17 mi S of Bangor)
Phone 207.223.4500
Toll-Free <none>

Fax 207.223.4624
Fruit wines blended as never before; visit our new tasting room, as well as our art gallery and gift shop, for wine chocolates and other unique and specialized gifts


Bar Harbor Cellars     10/15/2007
Rt 3
Bar Harbor, ME  04609     (on map above)
Phone 207.288.3907
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Bartlett Maine Estate Winery
175 Chicken Mill Pond Rd
Gouldsboro, ME  04607     (30 mi ENE of Bar Harbor)
Phone 207.546.2408
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Blacksmiths Winery     10/15/2007
967 Quaker Ridge Rd
South Casco, ME  04077
Phone 207.655.3292
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 603.238.6682


Cask & Hive Winery
Website:  <none>
155 Norris Hill Rd
Monmouth, ME  04259     (15 mi WSW of Augusta)
E-mail:  <pending>
Phone 207.933.9463
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Cellardoor Winery
367 Youngtown Rd
Lincolnville, ME  04849     (10 mi S of Belfast)
Phone 207.763.4478
Toll-Free 877.899.0196
Fax <none>


Parsons Family Winery  <current status being checked - 2007>  <site down 7/28/01>
60 Brixham Rd
York, ME  03908     (5 mi NE of Kittery)
Phone 207.363.3332
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 207.363.3334


Royal River Winery     10/15/2007
Website:  <none>
56 Ryder Rd
Yarmouth, ME  04096     (15 mi N of Portland)
E-mail:  <none>
Phone 207.712.4500
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery     10/15/2007
174 Barrett Hill Rd
Union, ME  04862     (30 mi ESE of Augusta)
Phone 207.785.5261
Toll-Free <none>
Fax 207.785.4240


The Sows Ear
Website:  <none>
Rt 176
Brookville, ME  04617     (10 mi E of Rockland - by ferry)
E-mail:  <none>
Phone 207.326.4649
Toll-Free <pending>
Fax <pending>




COMINGS -  Wineries On the Horizon REMARKS
Prospect Hill Winery, Lebanon Anticipates Opening in 2009


GOINGS -  Wineries Over the Horizon REMARKS
Vintner's Cellar Not a vineyard or winery


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