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Wyoming was one of the last states to have a winery.  With the cooler climate, visitors will be more likely to find a fruit-based wine, although at least one of the wineries produces Foch and Frontenac varietals as well.

  Table Mountain Vineyards 
5933 RD 48
Huntley, WY  82218     (EASTERN - 12 mi SE of Torrington)
E-mail:  info@tableMountainVineyards.com 
Phone 307.459.0233
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


Wyoming Wine
1457 N. Main Street
Sheridan, WY  82801     (NORTH CENTRAL - on map above)
E-mail:  wine@fiberpipe.net
Phone 307.673.0291
Toll-Free <none>
Fax <none>


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Terry Ranch Cellars, Cheyenne  No longer a winery


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