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    Once you have obtained your own Internet Domain Name as described on the "For Wineries Only" page, you are ready for an Internet Web site (your own Home Page).  You have several choices about how to proceed.  Only the third option below is available to wineries which have not yet obtained their own Internet Domain Name.

    1.  You may purchase a commercial Web page software program (we happen to use Microsoft FrontPage which costs about $200) and then design, publish and maintain your own home page on the site of your Web hosting firm.  Monthly Web hosting fees start at about $25 and go up, depending on the hosting firm and optional services you choose.  Your annual cost for this first option will run $300 and up, plus one-time software program costs and your time to learn the software and design your own page and update your own page.

    2.  You may find a local or nationwide Web page design company (especially useful if you intend to have features such as a guest registration book or if you desire heavy graphics such as Flash pages).  Web design firms charge anywhere from hundreds of dollars and up to design your pages, depending on the complexity.  You will then need to locate a Web hosting firm (or use your Registrar vendor firm) to host the designed site with the associated monthly fees mentioned above.  Your annual cost for this second option will run $300 and up, plus any one-time design fee, plus any designer maintenance or update fees.
    3.   You may have ™  host a simple one-page WineLite WebSite© Home Page for your winery.  Your Home Page will contain all the information about your winery that a visitor would want to know (name, location, contact numbers, operating hours, directional instructions, wine listing and description, unique features about your winery and other local attractions) that might appear in your winery's printed brochure, plus a hit counter so you can follow the number of visitors to your Home Page.  Since we first began hosting WineLite WebSite© Home Pages for wineries, AllAmericanWineries ™  had added the following enhancements to pages we create:
        a.  The capability to display digital photographs of your winery; 
        b.  an online map that not only shows your winery on a scalable map, 
             but also lets visitors print out driving instructions from anywhere in the USA; 
        c.  submission of your site to the major free Internet search engines and indices;
        d.  a link showing current weather and forecast for your winery location; and
        e.  automatic inclusion of a Subscribed Enhanced Listing.  

    Two Month Free Trial Offer!  We are so certain you will benefit from this service that we will design and host your winery's WineLite WebSite © Home Page (without the additional features described immediately above) for two months without cost or obligation!  If, the end of the two month trial offer, you are not totally satisfied, just let us know and we will deactivate your trial Home Page.  On the other hand, if you agree that the site has been of benefit to your winery, we will continue hosting your WineLite Website© Home Page on a year-to-year basis.  The additional features described above will be added to your Home Page upon receipt of your annual hosting fee.  Unlike most commercial website design firms, we charge no separate web page design fee, no additional setup fee, and no maintenance or update fees for this service.  The only trade-off is that you agree to utilize our simple but effective WineLite WebSite Home Page template, customized for your winery (see two examples below).  We don't believe you can beat an effective monthly rate of $20.00 for such a professional presentation on a world-wide site that has grown explosively since its January 2001 inception.   Effective January 1, 2012, your annual cost for this basic WineLite WebSite© Home Page option is only $240 (wineries in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina slightly higher due to brochure costs).  Additional pages (special events, print and mail wine order forms, etc) start at an additional $15 fee per year.  Contact us for details, and to address your specific needs in advance.  There will be no surprises, I guarantee.  Please note that you pay for a WineLite Website home page after your two month free trial offer, those fees are not refundable - our labor and hosting costs have already been incurred in updating our website with your information.

         Listed below are two examples of WineLite WebSite© home pages you may view.  The first site is for a winery that has obtained their own Internet Domain Name.  The second site is for a winery that has not obtained their own Internet Domain Name.  Both home pages have the same look and feel.  Both home pages may be reached via their respective state's AllAmericanWineries ™  search results page or from anywhere on the Internet by typing in their WineLite WebSite© Home Page address.  However, because the first winery has obtained their own Internet Domain Name, it is much easier for a visitor to just type in the winery's Internet Domain Name as opposed to the longer, more convoluted URL of the second winery.  Also, if the first winery transfers to another Web hosting firm, they will not need to change their Internet Domain Name on their business cards, stationary, letterhead or brochures.  They just instruct their Domain Name Registrar firm to redirect (or forward) their Internet Domain Name pointer to their new hosting site.  The viewing public never sees the behind-the-scenes change.  I cannot stress enough the extra independence you have once you have obtained your own Internet Domain Name.

    1.  Blackwolf Vineyards in North Carolina has their own Internet Domain Name, so visitors may type in and be redirected to the winery's WineLite WebSite© Home Page.

    2.  Waldensian Heritage Wines, also in North Carolina has not yet obtained their own Internet Domain Name, so visitors must type in the much longer web address to be taken directly to the winery's WineLite WebSite© Home Page.


    If the information on the "For Wineries Only" page and this WineLite Website© page has not answered all your questions about the obtaining your Internet Domain Name and establishing an immediate Web presence,  AllAmericanWineries ™  will be happy to answer any additional questions you may still have.  We went through this process ourselves in late 2000, and recognize it is not intuitive, especially if you are new to the Internet.  We will be happy to share what we learned as we went through our own learning curve while setting up this site, and we believe you should be able to devote your efforts to producing wine, not learning about the Internet.  So please consider letting us handle the technical side of your winery's Internet presence.

    For additional information or to ask any other questions, click_here to open an E-mail message window to us.  Just type in your questions, send the pre-addressed E-mail, and we will happily provide an answer by return E-mail.  If you prefer to discuss your questions telephonically, please include a contact name and number and best time to call.  Rest assured that your inquiry does not obligate you in any way and your privacy will be maintained.

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