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    BACKGROUND:  Electronic commerce and online ordering are quickly becoming a way to extend your business hours to nights, weekends, vacations, and days your winery is closed.  Over the years, several WineLite WebSite© wineries and potential clients approached me about providing them with a true E-commerce capability for their wineries.  After months of research, I have determined that the high setup cost and difficulty integrating a true online E-commerce program into your WineLite WebSite© home page is not viable at this time.

   An Alternative AllAmericanWineries™  Print-and-Fax (or Print-and-Mail) Form:  For a small additional programming and bandwidth fee of $20 per year above your basic WineLite WebSite© hosting fee, your winery can have another two pages added:  One page that contain legal information to your customers and the second page, a print-and-fax (or print-and-mail) order form for customers to use when ordering your wines.  This gives you a 24/7 presence for sales opportunities.  The most important information you need to know is the myriad of complex laws regarding shipment of wine to customers within your state and to customers residing in another state.  Some states permit both intra- and inter-state shipping, others states permit only shipments within your state, and some states permit neither.  From our home page, click on the "Legal Issues" tab for additional information provided by organizations not related to AllAmericanWineries™ .  This is a complex and constantly changing issue as legal challenges work their way through state and federal courts.  We cannot be responsible for any winery's mis-interpretation of shipping laws.  This service is offered only to those wineries with our WineLite WebSite© hosting.
    For additional information (without obligation) about adding an order form to your WineLite WebSite© Home Page, click here.


    If you still choose to explore the possibility of becoming a true E-commerce winery, there are several factors you need to consider:
        1.  The complex laws regarding shipment of wine mentioned above;.
        2.  The financial stability of your business.  You must be able to obtain an Internet Merchant Account;
        3.  Your willingness to pay the fixed recurring costs associated with online marketing; and
        4.  The willingness and ability of your web hosting firm and programmers to support E-commerce on your site.
    Assuming you are comfortable with all the issues above, and that E-commerce is an option you still desire to pursue, contact your web page designer and web hosting firm to explore all your options.


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